Kellogg Leadership Circle

Transforming through Annual Giving

Each Kellogg donor who makes a gift of $2,500 or more in any given fiscal year will be inducted into the Kellogg Leadership Circle.

As a member of the Kellogg Leadership Circle, you will receive updates on Kellogg’s continuing progress, engage with other circle members and become a part of the intellectual life of the school. Supporting Kellogg’s educational mission by building a strong Annual Fund is a vital part of the Transforming Together campaign.

Annual Fund gifts are immediately expendable and can be used to fund scholarships that bring the best students to Kellogg. They provide our students with the most rewarding experience possible. And they give Dean Sally Blount the freedom to say yes to great ideas raised by students or faculty. A gift of $2,500 in one year is spent the next year.

And now, alumni who have graduated within the last five years – and current students – can join the KLC at the Catalyst level by making a gift of $1,000 in each fiscal year.

Annual Fund dollars are as much a part of Transforming Together as the largest gift to name a building. These dollars make an extraordinary difference in the lives of our students. Join us as we transform Kellogg.

Join us as we change the world.