The Product Management Experience

Build key competencies for managing technology products

The Kellogg Product Management Experience is a unique program designed to develop product management knowledge and competencies through an innovative online format. Taught by Professor Mohanbir Sawhney, Director of the Kellogg Center for Research in Technology & Innovation, this 10-week program covers a critical range of product management topics and is designed for those looking to expand or develop their product management-oriented career.

The online program experience provides interaction and exposure to product management professionals across a wide range of industries. You will cover ten topical modules built largely around video lectures and accompanying exercises. At the conclusion of the program, participants receive a Certificate of Participation in Product Management from Kellogg Executive Education.

Product Management Experience Webinar:  This video features Professor Mohanbir Sawhney and covers additional information and perspective on The Product Management Experience program.

Online Programs

Professor Mohanbir Sawhney


Who Should Attend

  • Early stage Product Managers (1-3 years)
    • Enhance your current skills and accelerate your progress
  • Professionals interested in switching to or enhancing a Product Management career
    • 0-5 years out of business school
    • 5 or more years out of school without product management experience
  • Functional areas include:
    • Product management
    • Product marketing
    • Product planning
    • Program management
  • Relevant industries include:
    • B2B industrial products
    • Consulting
    • Consumer durables
    • IT
    • Medical devices

Key Benefits

  • Gain expertise, skills and tools for a product manager role
  • Receive expert coaching from Professor Mohanbir Sawhney
  • Gain additional exposure to and perspective from a wide range of product managers and experts across a variety of industries
  • Receive a Kellogg Certificate of Participation in Product Management upon the program’s conclusion
  • Have the unique opportunity to elevate skills and contribute to elevating the profession

Program Content

Module 1 – Overview of Product Management

We will explore the multifaceted role of product management in tech companies. Further, we will examine what PMs do, their diverse roles, what the demands are of modern PMs and what factors determine a high-performing product manager.

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Module 2 – Analyzing Product Opportunities

This week is about defining product opportunities and what constitutes a product opportunity. We will also discuss the Opportunity Hypothesis, finding and evaluating opportunities, and the Jobs-to-be-Done framework.

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Module 3 – Discovery and Requirements Definition

What is product Discovery? This is the question we will explore this week along with the idea of Discovery as achieving product-market fit, defining the Discovery hypothesis, developing the minimum viable product (MVP), writing use stories and describing product requirements.

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Module 4 – Managing Agile Product Development

This week we will discuss the opportunities, benefits and challenges of Agile development versus Waterfall process, how Agile differs from Waterfall, the Scrum Framework and its challenges, and how to transition to Agile from Waterfall.

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Module 5 – Designing the Business Model

Understanding business models and how to capture value is a critical skill for PMs. This week we will examine various business models and do a deeper dive on the marketplace and subscription models. We will also explore pricing strategies such as Freemium and business model evolution and migration.

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Module 6 – Taking Products to Market

This week we will discuss go-to-market (GTM) strategy and what’s critical to know before a product launch. We will also explore what to know about understanding audiences, positioning and messaging and choosing routes to market. Finally, we will examine how to develop and execute the go-to-market plan.

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Week 7 – Ongoing Product Management

This week we’ll talk about the pillars of ongoing product management. Product management must include sustaining activities such as driving growth, expanding the partner ecosystem and evolving products throughout their lifecycles. We will conclude with a discussion on monitoring product health and performance.

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Overview of Modules 8 -10

These modules comprise the lectures and learning for advanced issues in Product Management. These modules are especially applicable to more seasoned product executives who have 10+ years of product experience and are looking towards leadership roles as a next step in their careers.  Those newer to product management will be prepared for this advanced content via the prior modules.

Module 8 - Leading Product Organizations

The product organization plays a critical role in a business’s success or failure. This week we will focus on organizational structure, designing the product organization, patterns in the organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, various organizational models and challenges of PM organization.

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Module 9 – Managing the Partner Ecosystem

We will begin by defining the whole offer, diagnosing the “Experience Gap”, developing and evolving the whole offer, making make/buy/ally decisions to bridge gaps, and conclude with a lecture on developing and managing partnerships.

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Module 10 – Product Planning & Strategy

Product planning is critical to business and product success. In this final week, we will discuss the fundamentals of product planning, product portfolio management, tools for portfolio management, portfolio decisions, the benefits of product roadmaps and key steps in roadmap planning. 

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Mohanbir Sawhney - McCormick Foundation Chair of Technology; Clinical Professor of Marketing; Director of the Center for Research in Technology & Innovation


1.    What is PMX and who is it for?

PMX is a skills-building course about Product Management, what Product Managers do and what they need to know to be effective as Product Managers. PMX is for learners who are at an early stage in their Product Management careers and for learners who are interested in switching to a Product Management career.

2.    What is the learning experience?

Your learning experience will consist of frameworks delivered via video lectures, real world examples and use cases, application of frameworks through weekly activities and missions, individual assignments, discussion boards, and faculty engagement. 

3.    What is the program format?

PMX is 10 weeks, online. Learners can expect to dedicate 6-8 hours per week to watch videos, complete assignments and participate in discussions. Modules are opened at the beginning of each week and have quizzes/assessments at the module’s conclusion.  While the modules do not close, access to assignments is closed each week.

4.    Could a learner choose to opt out of some topics?

No. This is an online program where a topic or subject is introduced each week and the learner will be expected to watch the video lectures, complete the exercises/activities and take the mastery quiz at the end of each week to progress to the subsequent week’s topic.   

5.    Does PMX include a team component?

No. PMX will not have any team or group-based projects.

6.    What methods will PMX use for grading and evaluation?

All individual assignments will be peer-evaluated. Some missions will also be reviewed by the instructor.

7.    Does PMX offer community engagement for learners?

Yes, PMX includes a discussion board where learners can post questions for the instructor or for their peers. At the end of each week Professor Sawhney will respond to the questions via a recorded video message that will be posted at the top of each week’s segment.

8.    Does PMX offer certification?

Yes, PMX will offer a digital Certificate of Participation upon successful completion of the program. This digital certificate can be shared with colleagues and highlighted in professional development records.

What Participants Say

“PMX is a great idea and has significant relevance in the emerging technology driven economy."

Professor Mohanbir Sawhney has done a fabulous job of putting together this program.”

“It was great to hear Professor Sawhney talk about input-based, throughput-based, output-based pricing models.”

“I liked the activities and exercises that were provided throughout the program….The exercises were great as actual companies were used as part of the activities.”

“I thought the program’s content was a useful reminder of all of the aspects of product management. In the working environment, it is easy to get caught up in the day to day tasks and action items and lose perspective on how product decisions should be handled.  I also liked some of the examples the professor covered.  The section on influence is also very useful.”

“I thought the program length and content was appropriate.   I liked that Prof. Sawhney addressed questions in a video response each week.  I liked that slides were given for download each week for note taking and reference.” 

“I liked the recap videos (at beginning of each week) that addressed participant questions, field report assignments that allowed users to see other participant responses."

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